Let us help you find the people you need to close the deal you want.

What We Do

Our team is uniquely positioned to facilitate a host of different types of deals. Whether you have money, a product or just an idea, we can connect you with the right people to move forward.


For as many people that exist in the world, there are at least just as many ideas. We work with companies and small groups that have an idea, or a product ready for market. Whether you’re missing funding or you need to prepare for an investment, that’s where we come in. We can tap into our vast network of investors and facilitate the perfect match.

Find Investments

Seek and we will find. Are you a VC fund looking for unique investment for your pipeline? Are you someone who is already successful in their own right and looking for some new and interesting investment ideas? Whether you’re looking for safe long term investments, or a little more exciting, higher risk, high return investments, we can find something that will fit perfectly into your portfolio.

Run a
VC Fund

Because we’re as good as we think then we have to put our money where our mouth is.  So, to fill out our offering and to be able to better assist all of our clients we are also in the process of starting our own VC fund. This will allow us to strengthen our ability to invest in unique ideas as well as help our investors find a way to diversify their investments with us.

Our story

Trustee Ventues started as the brain child of Michał. He’s travelled, lived and done business all around the world. As fate often has it, he ended up back in his birth country, Poland. As many are now finding, Poland is blossiming economy with a boom in starts-up, construction and western corporate backoffice operaions. Poland is not the isolated baby brother it was once known as. 

Michał ran into JJ during a typical Polish summer night out, a few drinks later Michał was explaining his idea and JJ was signing onboard. Fast forward a few months and the team was rounded out with Chris and Kris, the office was setup and the first pipeline of deals being worked through. That was the start of Trustee Ventures.

The Team

Michał Kamieniak

For 15 years Michał has held positions that required high level negotiations and operational planning, as well as the need to build new strategic relationships. He has honed his ability to disrupt a market by introducing new ventures which champion change towards greater social equality.

At Trustee Ventures he leads our investment qualifications team, helping us to evaluate the best investments opportunities to work with. There are lots of ideas and products out there, he can sniff out the ones that will work best for our investors.

Jarosław Janiszewski

JJ has been a senior manager with other financial services firms where he has gained  significant international experience. He has a proven track-record for making strategic business decisions and laying out detailed plans for growth.


At Trustee Ventures he heads our investor relationship team. He makes sure all of our investors feel loved, regardless of what stage they’re at with investing with us. Investor don’t like to throw money away, so JJ makes sure they are well informed at all times.

Christopher Moore

Chris is the American that keeps everyone grounded. He has an MBA and spent 15 years in global corporations running multi-million dollar departments and managing large technical teams.


At Trustee Ventures he oversees the management side of the business. There are lots of moving parts, with multiple deals starting and finishing all the time. He makes sure that everything is moving in harmony and most importantly, every party involved in winning.


Krzysztof Kaczor

Krzysztof has held senior positions in the state and federal governments of Australia as well as providing consulting services to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in  Poland. All of these roles were focused on IT project management and ongoing IT operations.


At Trustee Ventures he leads our technology team. In today’s market almost every deal we put together has a technical element to it. He makes sure investments are well analysed and due diligence thoroughly completed to protect all parties involved. 


“ I’ve been working in the coal industry for 20 years. I came across a rare opportunity to purchase a mine that could immediately fulfill a need for a country in need. Trustee Ventures helped me secure the 17 Million Euro I needed to secure the deal. Better yet, it didn’t feel like an onerous process, I actually felt like I was working with friends, not a firm.”

Michael Waterman

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